Our mission as a B-Corp certified social enterprise is to support and empower the work of social and environmental nonprofits

We work everyday to improve our positive impact and to measure it so we can transparently share our achievements and also our goals to improve.


We are proud to publish our first Impact Report!

This report comes after 5 years of creating our first brand, Impactrip. Five years trying to combine growth, positive impact, financial stability, and an increasing compromise to environmental sustainability. The goal of this report is not only to communicate our achievements but also to help us reflect on further steps and commitments of this journey to become a better business.

Here you will understand better what our three brands do, how that creates a positive impact in communities, and how our mission empowers the work of local nonprofits. Additionally, in an effort of transparency, we will talk about the social and environmental risks and negative impacts associated with our activity and how we are trying to mitigate them. We celebrate profits the same way we celebrate new sustainability achievements and social impact. That for us means being a successful business.

This report is about our journey into a more sustainable business.
We hope you enjoy it!


Impact+ Impact Report 2019
Impact+ Impact Report 2019