Our mission as a B-Corp certified social enterprise is to support and empower the work of social and environmental nonprofits

We work everyday to improve our positive impact and to measure it so we can transparently share our achievements and also our goals to improve.


We are happy to publish and share with you our second annual Impact Report! In the most challenging year our company has ever faced, we focused our time on innovating our way through this situation, protecting the team’s jobs, and stay true to our mission.

We started this path of sharing our impact with you in 2019 with our first report and since then we have been working hard to collect more data and better measure our impact so we can pursue our mission and create more and more impact by supporting and empowering our partners. This report is richer in content and is aligned with the B-Corp reporting structure, but we recognize that there is still a lot to improve!

This report is about our journey into a more sustainable business.
We hope you enjoy it!


Impact Report 2021

Impact+ Impact Report 2021


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Impact+ Impact Report 2019

Impact+ Impact Report 2019