Our mission as a B-Corp certified social enterprise is to support and empower the work of social and environmental nonprofits

We work everyday to improve our positive impact and to measure it so we can transparently share our achievements and also our goals to improve.


We are happy to publish and share with you our latest Impact Report!

This year we had a lot of plans for new projects but the reality that people (who couldn’t leave their house for two years) wanted to travel, fell upon us with great impact. We received a volume of volunteers and conscious travelers that we had never experienced before! This is of course very positive but happened very quickly and brought its challenges with team management, accommodation spots, and logistics. In this report, we share with you everything we achieved and failed to achieve, the great and the imperfect, and above all, our sustainability path.

We have always believed that sustainability is a journey, not a “status” and we feel that 2022 allowed us to continue to move forward in that journey.
We hope you enjoy it!


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