B Corp, a better way of doing business

11th November 2019

A few days ago, we proudly obtained the B Corp certification and therefore, we had the privilege to join the community of Benefits Corporations. Those companies want to reconsider the notion of business success and put the company's performance at the service of the public interest. Their goal is not to be better than others but to be better for others.

About B Corp

B Corporations lead a global movement of people using business as a force for good™. The certification process uses credible, comprehensive, transparent and independent standards of social and environmental performance. This certification is highly selective and measures a company's efficiency in five areas:

Companies must document their positive impact to qualify and undergo verification every three years to maintain their certification.

A company invested for the future

B Corporations network brings together multinational companies such as Natura or Patagonia, as well as small businesses like Harvest Market and now Impactrip, that serves local communities. This certification is a great reward for Rita Marques and Diogo Areosa who founded the company almost 5 years ago, with the idea of fighting mass tourism by proposing a new way of travelling: meaningful and sustainable. They believed that companies, and even small businesses, have the ability to take action for the future. They can have a positive impact on the environment and our society.

During those five years, the Impactrip family has grown carrying and sharing those original values. We made decisions and implemented practices that consider not just shareholders interest, but also the impact on all stakeholders connected to our company. This relates to our NGO's partners who fight every day against poverty and inequality, food waste, environmental pollution and much more. It also affects our Impacteam actions by supporting other businesses in their process of becoming more responsible, providing their collaborators with innovative CSR experiences. Not to mention our Impacthouse customers who discover during their stay that sustainable development begins with small daily initiatives. And finally our employees who work every day to keep up with these original objectives and contribute to raising awareness in social and environmental issues.

B Corp is already almost 2 800 companies in 64 different countries and this number continues to increase. If we are grateful for this B Corp certification, it is only the beginning of our journey towards more ethical and sustainable experiences in Portugal but now also in Spain and Croatia.