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Come to Lisbon to learn how to start a social business

Are you thinking of starting (or you have recently started) a business that aims to make the world a better place? Then this blog post may change your life.
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Impact Mums Veggie Recipe, Tofu with Corn Bread

Our first easy and delicious vegetarian recipe from our Impact Mums. We hope you like it as much as we do!
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We started this year with a new name: Impact +

Impact+ was born, the company name and umbrella brand that brings together ImpacTrip, Impacteam and Impact House.
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5 Years Full of Impact, Thank You!!

5 year after starting this journey Rita Marques, CEO of Impactrip, writes for all our volunteers
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Get inspired by Kirsa adventures with ImpacTrip

From Barcelona to Lisbon, Kirsa made the most of our international volunteer programs!
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500+ Companies Commit to Net Zero By 2030: IMPACTRIP is one of them

500+ Companies Commit to Net Zero By 2030 - IMPACTRIP is one of them
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