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Carbon Compensations: the stock market of the future

Carbon offset or carbon compensation is the next decade's business. One needs to be prepare to feel the pressure of compensating the greenhouse emissions of their business' activities.
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Net Carbon Zero, what is it?

What is the net carbon zero and why are the companies so focused on tackle this?
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Fashion Industry needs a revolution

Revolution fashion week will be hold next week and we need to continuously raise awareness for this industry that produces tonnes of waste, not to mention the carbon emissions issued during the entire production and distribution processes.
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What does it mean to be a B Corp, afterall?

March is dedicated to B Corps. Since we are one of them, we decided to explore this topic a bit further. Our opinion is that "It is not about one’s own business but everyone’s planet." Want to learn more?
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Circular economy: a green recovery?

In a post-pandemic scenario, the circular economy can become the new normal.
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Importance of active citizen participation for biodiversity conservation

Although actions of nature conservation and inventory of the biodiversity are a crucial element of our work, we believe that it is necessary to educate and shape communities to be sustainable and environment citizenship.
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