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How can Social Entrepreneurship help integrating refugees?

In 2017 a social problem arose to which it was necessary to respond, and it was the arrival of Syrian refugees to Portugal, which was one of the countries that was not indifferent to the humanitarian tragedy in that country.
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ImpacTrip Activist Wall, Daniela Apparente advocacy voice

Since I was little, I have always had a very deep bond with the sea. Maybe it's because I'm Neapolitan...
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Social entrepreneurship project of the week: SOL

Each year, about half of the food produced in the world goes to waste. This made Associação SOL act.
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Meet our Impact moms: Teresa Gonçalves

One thing the Lisbon volunteers always say is that our Impact Moms make their stay unforgettable. We thought it was time to share who they are with you 🙂
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ImpacTrip Activist Wall, Petra Gabric advocacy voice

Our society today is facing a lot of issues and problems, some of which we are more aware of than others. There is a certain topic that in my opinion still stays taboo in our society, even though it is a well spread global problem: homelessness.
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Plastic REPLAY: A new life to our toys

This project is the first network for collecting and sorting toys at the end of their lifecycle in Portugal and transforming them into new toys and other useful objects. Impact House is one of its collection points in Lisbon! Find out more about it here.
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