Travel with impact


A brave new world

The challenge ahead of us is immense, but there are some possible ways forward.
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Interview about the Eat4Change program

Promoting food as a "Superpower against climate change", this initiative is aimed at more sustainable diets and food production practices and the fight against food waste.
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Meet ImpacTrip Team: Clara Polaino

Clara is Spanish and she is our local coordinator in Barcelona. Originally from Alicante, she joined the team this year because she believes tourism can create a positive impact!
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We Declare a Climate Emergency

We believe tourism can be a tool for social and environmental development and we work every day towards this vision.
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Meet our Impact moms: Mercês Dias

One thing the Lisbon volunteers always say is that our Impact Moms make their stay unforgettable. We thought it was time to share who they are with you 🙂
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How can environmental education be an engine to help us achieving the SDG challenges?

Since 2016 that Associação BioLiving, has been working to improve nature conservation and environmental awareness in the community.
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