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5 Years Full of Impact, Thank You!!

5 year after starting this journey Rita Marques, CEO of Impactrip, writes for all our volunteers
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Get inspired by Kirsa adventures with ImpacTrip

From Barcelona to Lisbon, Kirsa made the most of our international volunteer programs!
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500+ Companies Commit to Net Zero By 2030: IMPACTRIP is one of them

500+ Companies Commit to Net Zero By 2030 - IMPACTRIP is one of them
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B Corp, a better way of doing business

A few days ago, we proudly obtained the B Corp certification and therefore, we had the privilege to join the community of Benefits Corporations.
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4 Fun and Unique Things to Do in Lisbon

These fun things are all recommendations that some of ImpacTrip’s volunteers have experienced in their first weeks here Lisbon and that we really think should not be missed!
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Is Volunteering Really for Everyone?

There are some religions, creeds, and ways of life that can make it quite tough to step beyond the boundaries of our comfort zone. But certainly not impossible!
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