Community Support

Community Support

In the vibrant urban landscape of Barcelona, the stark realities of inequality and poverty are unmissable. For those grappling with life's harsher challenges—limited access to social services, economic instability, inadequate housing, or the elusive search for employment—the path to dignity and stability is steep.

There's no universal remedy for poverty or social risk, no “one size fits all solutions”. 
That is the philosophy of the Community Support Program!


We tailor our approach to meet diverse needs, offering a spectrum of support—from free basic amenities like food, clothing, and medical care, to empowering individuals through football, or even teaching languages.

Our mission is not just to alleviate hardship, but to uplift lives, partnering with dedicated non-profit organizations across the city.


Depending on your skills, experience, and passion, there’s a place for you to make an impact:

– Support the local host center: Engage in the heart of our operations by preparing meals, managing facilities, or sorting donations. Contribute to educational and language training initiatives, helping beneficiaries regain confidence and skills.

– Teach Languages: Share your linguistic talents by teaching English or Spanish in a nurturing, supportive environment, helping marginalized communities to voice their needs, hopes and dreams.

– Playing for Integration: Join sports teams focused on integrating young immigrants and refugees, or assist individuals battling addiction through engaging sports activities.


Barcelona, with its rich cultural tapestry, exemplifies how communities can effect change. Here you can see how different approaches and different non profits reach so many lives!


Join Community Support, and be part of a movement where every action, big or small, contributes to a collective effort of rebuilding lives in an environment marked by diversity, respect and humanity


1st week 1120€
Following weeks 465€


  • Pick up at the international airport in Barcelona (when arrival is on the weekend) & public transportation transfer to the accommodation – Sunday 

On Sunday, the ImpacTrip team will be at the airport waiting for you with a big sign and a smile on their face! 🙂

If you arrive prior to Sunday, you will still be able to receive an airport pickup and our team can transport you to the accommodation, but you will need to pay an extra fee for this service.

  • Accommodation at a dormitory at a social hostel, female dormitory or mixed dormitory with a private bathroom; bed sheets are provided
  • Two meals a day everyday: Breakfast and lunch (Local style. Vegetarian, gluten-free, and meals for lactose-intolerant are also available upon request)
  • Shared use of the common room, outdoor area, and free WIFI
  • Orientation event on arrival (including an introduction to Spain and Spanish culture, volunteer experience, an overview of programs, practical information, and safety guidelines)
  • Responsible guided city tour
  • The best tips to discover the city!
  • Allocation and coordination of a work placement in an impactful non-profit project
  • Introduction on the first day of volunteering
  • Ongoing support throughout the stay
  • 24h/7 emergency support

Not Included

  • Flights
  • Pick-up at the airport on other dates
  • Drop-off at the airport
  • Transport between accommodation and volunteer project location
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal insurance (health or accidents)
Community Support
Community Support
Community Support