Multicultural Music Workshop

In this wonderful workshop, you will learn how to play with music and create new rhythms through instruments and the fusion of sounds from different cultures. So you will discover how mixing cultures can create sounds and music incredibly.

The first migratory flows to reach the city of Barcelona date from the 18th century, accompanied by strong industrialization. Currently, Barcelona is a highly multicultural city, where the cultures of Latin America, Pakistan, and Morocco predominate. A diversity that can be breathed in every corner of the city, and that makes it so contagious and welcoming.

With this workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience a little of this diversity, with Arabic rhythms and with percussion Afro-indigenous. It is not necessary to know how to play, it is a space of learning and discovery.

The aim of this experience is to discover music and rhythms from other countries, which culture is already very present in Barcelona, but also to activate your imagination and musical intelligence, and of course, explore a new culture.

By participating in this experience, you will also have the chance to meet and support a non-profit which mission is to promote multiculturalism and break with stereotypes while helping migrants living currently in Barcelona.



18€ per person


  • Music teacher
  • Instruments

Not Included

Transport to and from the experience

Multicultural Music Workshop
Multicultural Music Workshop
Multicultural Music Workshop
Multicultural Music Workshop
Multicultural Music Workshop
Multicultural Music Workshop
Multicultural Music Workshop

More about this Program

What is the itinerary of this experience?

18:00 pm | Starts the Workshop

20:00 pm | End of the Workshop

Do I need to speak the local language?

No, you don't need to have any previous skills in the local language! All of our programs are run entirely in English and our guides and staff are all comfortable speaking English as well! But we always encourage our participants to get acquainted with some of the most basic terms and expressions, as even just a simple "Good morning!" in the local language can be a great icebreaker to start interacting with the locals! 

There are also language lessons available for volunteers. The language lessons can be booked before or on the arrival. Lessons are taught by a professional teacher and tailored to each volunteer’s current language level.


Does this experience also include food and beverages?

No, this experience will not include any food or drinks!