Online Volunteering in Spain

The Online Volunteering programs are the perfect opportunity for those who are interested in donating their time and take advantage of their skills by supporting institutions from different parts of the world, without leaving their houses or committing to a specific date and time.

As a remote volunteer in an NGO located in Barcelona, Spain, you will support the NGO staff on their current needs as well as their beneficiaries in different areas:


– Teaching, Training and Sports

If you dream about empowering kids and teens throughout education and provide a good time for people in need, enrolling in this program might be the right choice for you. You will have the opportunity to put your skills and hobbies at the service of a non-profit that help people with incapacities, kids that need educational support and elders. To participate in this project, you do not need any prior teaching experience, just the will to providing free education and activities to kids, youngsters and elder people. Some of the tasks can be:
• Yoga and fitness classes
This is your chance to combine your love for sports with promoting general wellbeing in the organization you will support. Depending on your skills, you will develop workout routines (aerobics exercise, strength and resistance, Pilates and/or yoga), according to your audience and their physical condition. You will be encouraging people to prioritize their health and wellness and to remain active every day.
• English teaching to young kids:
You will help young kids improving their knowledge of the English language and practicing their pronunciation, speaking and vocabulary skills, through the computer screen. One of your goals is proving them that learning English does not have to be difficult! You will focus on conversation, simple dialogues, roleplays and other techniques mainly to improve their communication skills.
• Workshops:
This program is aimed at dedicated volunteers with various backgrounds, talents, and skill levels, who are willing to share their knowledge on a specific topic or teach other people how to do something. This will take you organization, focus, and a lot of creativity, but the outcome will be highly rewarding.


Sales and Fundraising

Nonprofit organizations need more help than ever to support their everyday operations and to expand. Sales and
fundraising play a crucial role in the long-term survival of non-profit organizations. Fundraising has changed tremendously in recent years and has also become multichannel, using online techniques, direct mail, email, social media, and crowdfunding to create that basket of income from multiple sources.
As an online fundraiser, you will be helping raise funds by organizing online sales of goods, using social media to encourage donations and any other innovative ways to raise funds. Other tasks may include identify and approach potential sponsors, design/write fundraising communications, updating donors’ databases, planning and coordinating fundraising activities etc.


Creative Technologies 

Most of our Social Partners do not have the resources to hire a team dedicated to design and user experience so the main aim of this program is connecting talented professionals who want to donate their skills to nonprofits who need their expertise. Your main tasks will be related to the creation of visual communications to convey messages in an effective and aesthetically pleasing manner for the organization you will be supporting. So, you must be proficient with Adobe products (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.).
• Website design:
Building and/or updating a website for a non-profit will allow it to increase the success and accomplishment of its social impact projects. A catching and user-friendly website will encourage visitors to donate and educate readers about the organization’s mission. You will also help the organization in the long-term since you’ll be working along with the staff to ensure they’ll be able to use the new website setup and continue to update independently. Moreover, it is a chance to put your skills, expose your work to a broader audience, and build your portfolio. Note: required experience with Adobe Creative Cloud – Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator – and with HTML, Javascript, and CSS.
• Brochure design and layout:
Graphic design contributions are highly valuable for non-profit organizations because they tend to have small budgets to invest in the design. This project is suited to individuals who are creative and have a good understanding of marketing and branding, since you will be assisting the organization designing campaign materials, posters, banners, flyers and other print material. Besides, you must ensure all design work is of a high standard and consistent with the organization’s brand image. Note: required proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, & Photoshop and/or other common design and layout applications.
• Video-making & photo editing:
If you have a passion for filming and video editing or photography, we might have the answer for those who want to volunteer for meaningful causes and help nonprofits to grow and broaden their impact. In this project, you will be dedicated to shoot and edit various types of videos to be used on the organization’s website and social media platforms. If your passion relies on photography, your work might be providing images for a range of media and library use and processing, cataloguing and editing images and photographs as requested. Note: required expertise with Adobe Premiere – or other video editing software – as well as working knowledge of After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.


Project Development and Management

Volunteer work in tasks related to grant writing might be crucial to keep the nonprofits work moving as it allows them to apply for the funds, they need to maintain their operations and help their communities. Additionally, most of the time these must be submitted in English which can be a problem for some organizations. As projects and grant proposal writing can be challenging for small local organizations, your mission will be writing grant applications, proposals, or letters of inquiry. You will also oversee establishing and maintaining a calendar of submissions and other deadlines. We are looking for volunteers passionate about community involvement and aiming to put their excellent communication in spoken and written English to good use.


Outreach, Marketing & Advertising

If you are looking for an opportunity to use your skills to make a major impact, working in Marketing and communications will directly influence all aspects of the non-profit organizations. While developing public relations, marketing and social media activities you will be supporting nonprofits to deliver effective communications to reach various audiences.
• Google Ads and SEO, online communication campaigns:
Bring your marketing and communications expertise to develop and market organizations’ brand and activities. As a volunteer, you are also going to advise and design digital marketing strategy via social networks and/or website, as well as create content for social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, etc.). Note: To enroll in this program the volunteer must have experience in digital marketing and in using Google Analytics and SEO and other tools for analyzing and reporting.


Translation, Writing and Editing 

If you are waiting to put your language learning efforts to good use, you have the opportunity to make a difference in non-profits that cannot afford to pay professional translators or proof-readers to write and revise their texts. Some of the tasks can include:
• Translation of internal and external documents
If you were raised bilingual or have proficient foreign languages expertise, volunteering in translations might be an excellent opportunity to make use of those skills. Your main task will be making documents available in different languages so that more people can benefit from them.
• Creation of Wikipedia pages
Translating and creating Wikipedia articles and pages for the non-profit is an effective way of promoting the organization’s work. So that, create a Wikipedia page/article is a powerful strategy to increase their visibility online and to spread their work.
• Website translation
If you are fluent in more than one language and can translate from one language to another use your power for good and cooperate with organization’s taking their website content in its original language and adapting it to the foreign languages you master.


Other Community Projects

One of the best things about volunteering for a nonprofit is the diversity of assignments and you will be challenged to learn and develop new skills. Engaging in community projects will make people’s lives better.
• E-friendships: interactions, challenges, sharing, etc.:
We live in an increasingly digital culture that allows us to shorten distances. In this project, participants will take part in video chats that allow them to create connections that lead to friendships and reduce isolation. You will be rewarded with a rich one-on-one relationship and make a huge difference to the happiness and wellbeing of others.


Each one of these programs aims at causing a positive impact on communities and environment in different areas.

Because of the organizations’ limited budgets, you’ll likely get to do things you’ve never tried before such as translation, data collection, news writing, technical assistance (legal, labor, commercial, etc.) while also applying your skills and background into these challenges. All of these are internet-based roles with no fixed hours, making it suitable for everyone looking to take on a new challenge alongside their existing commitments. The programs also have a component of cultural and linguistic immersion.

Each program has the following structure:

Before arrival
Program choice – Help in choosing and customizing the program if necessary

First days at the program
Monday – Welcome orientation to the country and program
Tuesday –  Onboarding from the local project

During the program
Mentoring – From the local team and from the project
Training – On soft skills development
Complementary dynamics – About culture, language, history, geography, etc
Individual and group reflection sessions – On skills achieved and knowledge gained

After the program
Virtual exit – orientation
Certificate of completion – ImpacTrip will send a customized certification with the number of hours, the tasks performed, the purpose of the program and the skills achieved and developed
Satisfaction evaluation – We always ask feedback to every volunteer

If you want to know more about each program specifications please contact us at and our team will be happy to help you!


75 hours 475€ 
225 hours 675€
500 hours 925€ 


Project Mentoring
Training for development of soft skills
Cultural, historical and linguistic dynamics
Certification of completion
Discount on future in destination programs

Not Included

Electronic equipment needed
Necessary programs of softwares

Online Volunteering in Spain
Online Volunteering in Spain
Online Volunteering in Spain
Online Volunteering in Spain
Online Volunteering in Spain