Online Volunteering in Italy

The Online Volunteering programs are the perfect opportunity for those who are interested in donating their time and take advantage of their skills by supporting institutions from different parts of the world, without leaving their houses or committing to a specific date and time.

As a remote volunteer in an NGO located in Rome, Italy, you will support the NGO staff on their current needs as well as their beneficiaries in different areas:


– Creative Technologies

Most of our social partners in Rome do not have enough means to invest in a team of professionals with experience and competencies in digital content and website development.
Your main tasks in this program are related to the creation of visual communications to convey messages in an effective and esthetically pleasing manner for the organization you will be supporting. This is also a way for you to be their voice and pass on their values in the best way.
Some of the tasks of this program include:
• Website design
Building and/or updating a website for a non-profit association will allow it to increase the success and accomplishment of its social impact projects. A catching and user-friendly website will encourage visitors to donate and educate readers about the organization’s mission and cause. You will also help in the long-term perspective, since you will be working along with the staff to ensure they will be able to use the new website setup and continue to update it independently.
Note: required experience with Adobe Creative Cloud – Dreamweaver, Photoshop, InDesign,
Illustrator – and with HTML, Javascript, and CSS.
● Brochure design, templates, and layout
This project is suited to individuals who are creative and have a good understanding of marketing and branding, since you will be assisting the organization designing campaign materials, posters, banners, flyers and other print material. It will be important to keep a coherent visual identity – according to the one of the organization
you will support – as well as guarantee high standards of quality production.
Note: required proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, & Photoshop and/or other common design and layout applications.
● Video-making & photo editing
Pictures and videos are nowadays some of the most powerful tools to engage people and tell a story. It is essential to spread messages related to social and environmental projects that need support, and that can inspire other people all around the world. In this project, you are expected to shoot, edit and realize videos and pictures that will be used on the organization’s website and social media platforms. Topics such as urban cleaning, elderly care, social inclusion and so on will be some of those you may be involved in, if applying in this project.
Note: required expertise with Adobe Premiere – or other video editing software – as well as working knowledge of After Effects, Photoshop and Illustrator.


– Teaching, Training and Sports

In Italy there are more than 350 thousand non-profit organizations, and more than half are active in the culture, sport and recreation sector. Their role is fundamental, as they promote equality between the poorer population and the rest of the country.
You’ll have the opportunity to put your skills and passions at the service of local non-profit associations that support migrant children, members of minority ethnic groups or – more simply – kids in needy conditions, whose families can’t support a wider cultural and civic education program. To participate in this project, you don’t need any prior teaching experience: the only requirement is the will to provide free education and activities to kids and youngsters in order to help towards their empowerment while providing them with a good time.
Some of the activities we promote in this program are:

● Yoga and fitness classes
If you are a dynamic sports enthusiast, and depending on your skills, you will develop workout routines (aerobics exercise, strength and resistance, Pilates and/or yoga), according to the audience and their physical condition. You will be promoting wellbeing and encouraging kids and teens to prioritize their health and wellness and
to remain active every day. All you need is a computer, internet connection and a large amount of energy to motivate everyone on the other side of the screen!
● English teaching
You will help kids and teens improving their knowledge of the English language and practicing their pronunciation, speaking and vocabulary skills – all this, through the computer screen. According to some researches conducted in 2019, Italy has one of the lowest levels of knowledge of the English language in the world. So, your main goal is proving that learning English does not have to be difficult nor boring, but fun and crucial for their future – as this language will help them when traveling, getting a job and building a brighter future. You will focus on basic conversations, simple dialogues, roleplays and other techniques (or games!) to improve their communication skills. You will help children grow and discover their full potential through education!
● Workshops
This program is aimed at committed volunteers with various backgrounds, talents and skill levels, who are willing to share their knowledge on a specific topic or teach other people how to do something. This will require you time’s management, focus and a lot of creativity, but the outcome will be highly rewarding!


– Translation, Writing and Editing 

It is common for non-profit organizations not to have enough funds and afford to pay professional translators or proofreaders to write and revise their texts. By volunteering in this program, you will use your bilingual knowledge or proficiency in foreign languages expertise to help the organization in some tasks they cannot do without a deeper knowledge of some languages. Some of the tasks can include:
● Translation of internal and external documents
Your main task will be making non-profit organizations’ documents available in different languages so that more people can benefit from them – them – new people entering to the staff, foreign beneficiaries, foreign partners and/or any kind of stakeholder that can be interested and involved in the non-profit’s mission.
● Creation and/or translation of Wikipedia pages
Creating and translating Wikipedia articles and other pages for non-profits is an effective way of promoting their mission and activity. These are powerful strategies to increase their visibility online and to present their work.
● Website translation:
Most websites of the organizations are only written in Italian and they could benefit from having it available in other languages. Proactivity is fundamental: by reading and deeply exploring a website, you can get some ideas and suggest improvements.


– Outreach, Marketing and Advertising

In Italy, usually bigger non-profit organizations have more staff and resources which allows them to have a marketing department. But many other small organizations do not take advantage of marketing tools as they cannot afford to invest in that area which leaves them with fewer opportunities to be known and to grow.
By developing public relationships, marketing and social media activities, you will be able to start, improve and shape the online presence of small non-profit organizations in Rome.
Some of the tasks can include:

● Google Ads and SEO, online communication campaigns
You will be able to advise and design digital marketing strategies via social networks and/or websites, as well as create content for social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, etc). By pursuing these tasks, you can realize interesting surveys and create a database where the non-profit organization will access all the collected data – in order to learn more about its own online presence and be able to learn and plan for the future.
Note: required experience in digital marketing and in using Google Analytics and SEO and other tools for analyzing and reporting).


– Sales and Fundraising

Many of the non-profit organizations in Italy are small and very local, deeply rooted in the territory -the people working there often have no time or knowledge of worldwide tools that can provide them with more funds. Sales and fundraising play a crucial role in the long-term survival of non-profits. Fundraising today is more accessible and multi-channel: thanks to tools such as online techniques, direct mail, email, social media and crowdfunding, it is possible to make the difference – especially in the non-profit sector. Moreover, in recent years many e-commerce platforms have boosted the sales of some entities – but still, most of the associations still do not use these tools.

● Fundraising online campaigns
To create and run a fundraising online campaign helps non-profit organizations in achieving new objectives and improve their current projects, therefore helping their beneficiaries and/or places they intend to support and protect. You can also help the organization by identifying and approaching potential sponsors (local or foreigners), to design/write fundraising communications, updating donors’ databases, to plan and coordinate fundraising activities. This way you will make it possible to carry out essential projects to safeguard people and areas of great historical and cultural value in Rome.
● Promote sales of social businesses in online platforms
This task is about finding the best online platform through which to sell the products made by the beneficiaries of local organizations: elderlies, people with disabilities, migrant kids and so on. You can create their online profile and start the sales process – and create specific documents and/or databases where you can write down the earnings and products sold.
● Project and grants proposals writing
Looking for grants can be a real challenge, as some of the most relevant opportunities are accessible through websites in English and require a lot of time to research, read and analyze the best options available. Afterward, filling a grant application or writing it from scratch in a foreign language is also a challenge for some organizations as they do not have people with such language skills. This task is great for people with
passionate about community involvement and aiming to put their excellent communication in spoken and written English to good use.


75 hours 475€ 
225 hours 675€
500 hours 925€ 


Project Mentoring
Training for development of soft skills
Cultural, historical and linguistic dynamics
Certification of completion
Discount on future in destination programs

Not Included

Electronic equipment needed
Necessary programs of softwares

Online Volunteering in Italy
Online Volunteering in Italy
Online Volunteering in Italy
Online Volunteering in Italy
Online Volunteering in Italy