Online Volunteering in Portugal

The Online Volunteering programs are the perfect opportunity for those who are interested in donating their time and take advantage of their skills by supporting institutions from different parts of the world, without leaving their houses or committing to a specific date and time.

As a remote volunteer in an NGO located in Lisbon, Portugal, you will support the NGO staff on their current needs as well as their beneficiaries in different areas:


Teaching, Training and Sports

In Portugal there are a lot of institutions that accommodate children or adults in different phases of their lives that for different reasons must live there for a short or long period of time. Some of these people, continue doing their life in an independent way while others are highly dependent on the organization’s facilities and support. The staff of these institutions does their best to keep them busy with educational, fitness and leisure activities, but sometimes time and resources are not enough to do everything that should be done.
Volunteers play an important role in the routine of these people, by preparing dynamics such as games with the beneficiaries, an English class, a composting workshop, an exchange of ideas for Halloween parties and costumes or other ideas and initiatives that involve the beneficiaries. These activities bring fresh air into the local institutions, help the staff with new ideas of activities and help them having more time to focus on other tasks while the group is busy having fun with the volunteers. This is a program for active and creative people who want
to make a difference in people’s lives.


Design, Technology and IT

In Portugal, most institutions were created before the technology boom and have kept most of its initial staff until
now who usually have not had enough technological training. At the same time, often institutions do not have enough means to hire qualified people to take care of websites or any online content. This leads to lack of investment in the communication area which still works based on means like television, newspapers, street adds and mouth to mouth in the social / institutional areas where people get to know them. Volunteers with design and IT qualifications play an important role in helping these entities renovating their online image and getting more visibility inside and outside of their country.


Sales and Fundraising

Most institutions in Portugal depend highly on external financial support, either from governmental sources or from other sponsors. As access to this support can change every year and be unstable and inconsistent, it has become more important to get funding from other sources at risk of compromising the existence of the organization. However, as most of these entities do not have a lot of visibility it is hard to get new sources of support. Volunteers help in searching, finding, and applying to grants and sponsorships as well as increasing the visibility of the organization. This program is ideal for communicative volunteers who have a passion for the social area and who want to help these projects to remain strong and active in the support they give to local communities.


Each one of these programs aims at causing a positive impact on communities and environment in different areas.

Because of the organizations’ limited budgets, you’ll likely get to do things you’ve never tried before such as translation, data collection, news writing, technical assistance (legal, labor, commercial, etc.) while also applying your skills and background into these challenges. All of these are internet-based roles with no fixed hours, making it suitable for everyone looking to take on a new challenge alongside their existing commitments. The programs also have a component of cultural and linguistic immersion.

Each program has the following structure:

Before arrival
Program choice – Help in choosing and customizing the program if necessary

First days at the program
Monday – Welcome orientation to the country and program
Tuesday –  Onboarding from the local project

During the program
Mentoring – From the local team and from the project
Training – On soft skills development
Complementary dynamics – About culture, language, history, geography, etc
Individual and group reflection sessions – On skills achieved and knowledge gained

After the program
Virtual exit – orientation
Certificate of completion – ImpacTrip will send a customized certification with the number of hours, the tasks performed, the purpose of the program and the skills achieved and developed
Satisfaction evaluation – We always ask feedback to every volunteer

If you want to know more about each program specifications please contact us at and our team will be happy to help you!


75 hours 475€ 
225 hours 675€
500 hours 925€ 


Project Mentoring
Training for development of soft skills
Cultural, historical and linguistic dynamics
Certification of completion
Discount on future in destination programs

Not Included

Electronic equipment needed
Necessary programs of softwares

Online Volunteering in Portugal
Online Volunteering in Portugal
Online Volunteering in Portugal
Online Volunteering in Portugal