Sports and Art with Refugees

In this program, you will go to the local host refugee center for teenagers and youngsters and engage with them in an informal way.

Athens, the capital of Greece, has welcomed diverse and unique individuals into its society. Over the last few years has received many refugees due to the disruption of peace in neighboring countries. 

Many families have been separated during their movement and many organizations have created various host centers where the beneficiaries are placed until they are reunited with their families.


Are you ready to start your Sports & Arts volunteering?

In this program, you will go to the local host refugee center where you wil engage with teenagers and youngsters in an informal way.

Your role will be to create a comfortable and safe space for them to express themselves through sports and arts, to connect with each other and with you and to spend their free time in a meaningful valuable way.


Your tasks may vary:

In Sports will be doing a daily training, playing in outdoor fields and teaching them healthy eating habits.

In Arts your tasks include playing musical instruments, teaching photography and drawing, perfoming drama classes and whatever you have to offer and you are good at.


Spoiler Alert – For this project, due to daily interaction with vulnerable groups, volunteers must respect safety restrictions and privacy measurements. They are also required to have an educational background in sports science and/or arts.

Sports and Art with Refugees Sports and Art with Refugees Sports and Art with Refugees Sports and Art with Refugees Sports and Art with Refugees


On the day of your arrival the ImpacTrip team will be at the airport waiting for you with a big sign and a smile on their face! 🙂


– Pick up at the international airport in Athens & public transportation transfer to the accommodation on Sunday!

If you arrive prior to Sunday, you will still be able to receive an airport pickup and our team can transport you to the accommodation, but you will need to pay an extra fee for this service.
We will reach out to you by WhatsApp a few days before your start date to connect 🙂

– Accommodation in a dormitory at a youth hostel located in the heart of Athens, female dormitory or mixed dormitory with private bathroom shared with the rest of the people in your room. The hostel offers a bar area and sitting area, a communal kitchen for those that want to cook and also rooms with balconies to relax and a rooftop with the most amazing views of Acropolis.

– We will provide 3 Meals a day – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at the hostel. The menu consists of local food, a mixture of meat, fish and fresh vegetables made in “Greek style”. 

– Orientation event on arrival including an introduction to Greek culture, volunteer experience, overview of programs, practical information, safety guidelines!

– Guided city tour & the best tips to discover the city!

– Allocation and coordination of a work placement in an impactful non-profit project!

– Introduction on the first day of volunteering!

– Ongoing support throughout the stay!

– 24h/7 emergency support!

More about this program

Can I change the dates of my volunteer placement with ImpacTrip?

Yes, that is generally possible! In most cases, we are quite flexible with making changes to your original booking period as per your wish, as we know how challenging it can be to plan such a big trip far in advance. However, please keep in mind that all of our programs are subject to availability, and therefore, we might not be able to accommodate last-minute changes anymore. Therefore, we recommend that you early on try to organize your plans concretely and get in touch with us as quickly as possible if alterations become necessary so that we are left with a higher chance of managing to change your reservation to cater your new situation!

Can I volunteer along with a friend of family member of mine?

Yes, of course you can! We regularly receive little groups of friends or family that come to participate in our programs together. 

Are children allowed to take part in this volunteer program?

No, unfortunately, children are not suitable for this program! 

Do I have to pay money for volunteering?

You are not paying for your volunteer work itself but for your stay with us overall! The costs for your program further include various elements that are part of your stay here! Respective to your program, those elements can, for example, include your accommodation, food, transportation from and to the airport, insurance, guided tours, professional guides, supervisors or instructors, placement coordination and 24/7 support!

Please have a look at the pricing details of your program to find an accurate overview of all aspects included in each program and location. 

Do I need to book my stay well in advance?

No, not necessarily! Depending on the current availability of the program of your choice, we may even be able to accommodate your stay and participation for the upcoming week! However, both in our responsible travel experiences and our volunteer programs as well as regarding our available beds in the hostel, we do sometimes reach our full capacity and therefore recommend booking your stay with us as early as possible to secure your spot!  

Do I need to speak the local language?

No, you don't need to have any previous skills in the local language! All of our programs are run entirely in English and our guides and staff are all comfortable speaking English as well! But we always encourage our participants to get acquainted with some of the most basic terms and expressions, as even just a simple "Good morning!" in the local language can be a great icebreaker to start interacting with the locals! 

There are also language lessons available for volunteers. The language lessons can be booked before or on the arrival. Lessons are taught by a professional teacher and tailored to each volunteer’s current language level.


How and when do I need to pay for my responsible experience with ImpacTrip??

You can pay us through Paypal or bank transfer. We will kindly ask you to pay 50% of your bill at the time of your booking to secure your spot! The other 50% will be due at least one day before your experience! 

I have special dietary requirements! Will I find food options that cater my needs?

Yes, if you are vegetarian or have specific food intolerances, we will be able to adapt the food offered to meet your dietary needs. Please get in touch with us as early as possible so we can make all necessary arrangements! 

What is the accommodation like? Could I stay in a private room?

Your accommodation differs depending on the location and programs you decide for! What we can assure you is that we want to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible! In most cases, you will stay along with the other participants in dormitory-style rooms. Private rooms may be available at your accommodation as well for an extra cost.

Find more detailed program- and location-specific information in our experience description, itinerary and pricing details! And if you have any more specific questions or want to make any special requests, feel free to get in touch with us!

When can I start my volunteer period?

We welcome new volunteers twice a month every month of the year. Your arrival date should be the Sunday before an Introduction Day!

  • We have Introduction Days on the first and third Monday of the month in Portugal and Croatia.
  • We have Introduction Days on the second and forth Monday of the month in Spain.


Please be aware that:

  • the Marine Conservation program in every destination is only available between March and October every year.
  • the Wolf Conservation program in Mafra, Portugal is only available between February and November every year and have specific arrival dates.


Take a look at the experience description of the program of your choice to find some more detailed information. Also, please keep in mind that all of our programs are always subject to availability as the number of spots is limited! 

Will I have time for some sight-seeing as well?

Of course! We want you to really get to know your natural and cultural surroundings and will provide you with useful tips and tricks that will help you discover the location of your stay like a local!

Your shifts will generally last between 3 and 5 hours per day and will take place either in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening, which will leave you with plenty of free time to go explore, take a stroll around your surroundings, catch the most important sites, interact with the locals or simply go and relax! And of course, you will have your weekends off as well!