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23rd December 2019

From Barcelona to Lisbon, Kirsa made the most of our international volunteer programs!


Kirsa's journey started last September in Barcelona and continued directly to Lisbon by the end of October to keep doing impact. In total were 3 months full of stories, impact, life long friends, and endless hugs.

Get to know her testimonial and stories on the first hand: 

"The project I was placed in was very difficult at first. The kids were crazy and it was difficult to communicate with them or get them interested in activities/games I had planned. But over time, I got very very close with them and it was incredibly difficult to say goodbye. Overall, I would say that it was a hard project but it was so worth it in the end so definitely encourage the volunteers doing youth support to stick with their project unless they really dislike it because it seriously changed my life."

What was your favorite moment(s) from your volunteering experience?
"On my last day at my placement, every child in the class drew me a picture saying that they loved me and that they were going to miss me. We all cried together having a group hug and Ana (the woman in charge) told me that I was the best volunteer that they have ever had. I cried my entire walk back to the hostel and also while showing other volunteers the pictures they had drew for me. I will cherish my experience with them forever."

What do you think future volunteers should know to better prepare?
"I think they should know that even making the slightest impact in your project is still something very important to the people there whether you realize it or not. You're not going to change the world, but the people there will appreciate everything you're doing."


"This was one of the best experiences of my life. I made lifelong friends, saw new parts of the world, and I was touched so much by my placement. Hopefully I can come again."  Kirsa Emmons, from USA. 

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