Kavya Shah and her two weeks full of growth

“My experience with the ImpacTrip team will always be treasured.
It was my first solo trip abroad, and it transformed me. I second all the quotes out there in support of traveling and volunteering.
This one was by far, my favorite and my version of Eat-Pray-Love.
I feared to volunteer abroad, and not it is something I fearlessly seek, and ImpacTrip has a considerable role to play in my transition.

On my arrival, the staff and the volunteers helped me cozy up and made my spring break easy, breezy, and beautiful. I loved every moment I was there. I enjoyed walking to the placement, taking road trips- from mountain tops to beaches. I distinctively remember going for a dinner to watch and listen to Fado; I remember the exhilarating feeling of volunteers and staff from different backgrounds enjoying dinner, cracking jokes, and having fun, one of the purest and happiest moments I’ve experienced.

This program taught me to see the world through my lens and nobody else’s. I’ve explored my own set of boundaries, patience, and confidence in the most liberating way. The most significant part about choosing Lisbon and this project were the people behind the ImpacTrip. The staff, founders, coordinators, and even the Impact Mums; have just been nothing but fantastic. They have guided me, shaped me, and taken care of all my needs and diet requirements happily. The staff also ensured I was comfortable and safe all the time. The hospitality and compliance given to a volunteer from ImpacTrip are unbeatable. The only complaint I had was the jetlag. The second I landed in Lisbon, I fell in love. I’ve been to Paris, Prague, New York, Anchorage, and trust me Lisbon trumps all. I loved the constant perennial wind in my hair, aesthetic spaces throughout Lisbon, quaint little cafes, and cobbled streets all over.  I truly enjoyed working, relaxing, soaking the sun, and unwinding. 

I hope you find your way into Lisbon only to lose it within its magnificent street!”

– Kavya Shah