March: The B Corp Month

30th March 2020
For ImpacTrip, having a story and a purpose is paramount. It is our sole purpose to contribute as much as we can in the establishment of a business environment where the business world is not as before and the companies have other factors than profit margins. We are proud to be a B Corp Company, and on this past month of March we celebrate this community and its purpose. So why B corp and what does it mean to be a B Corp Company?

Basically, it is our most primary mission to highlight a company's values as the ultimate goal of not only lying on its high-profit margin but also contributing to the world and people we live in. So throughout March 2020, certified B Corporations from around the world are celebrating their global movement. As a certified B Corp ourselves, we want to #doit4tobethechange as all 3275 B Corps from 71 countries around the world just for 1 unifying goal. You can check out the video that we put it last week for getting more information about us, offers, programs that we are organizing as a force of good. Recycling, environmental conservation, youth and homeless support, animal care and so on are just a couple of our volunteer programs. We believe that the most beneficial way to reach people in a collective purpose for making the world a better place. If you want to join the journey with us on this path, we are glad to welcome you at Impactrip in Portugal, Spain or Croatia!

Leave a livable world behind you!
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