Meet ImpacTrip Team: Local Coordinator Lisbon

17th June 2020

Francisca Monteiro is our local coordinator in Lisbon. One of the most cheerful and relaxed person of the team, she is the one that is always around if you choose Lisbon to spend your giving back holidays. 

3 curiosities about you: "I was baptized with water from the Jordan River just like Jesus, I learned how to ride a motor-bike when I was 8 years old and by this time I used to bite my toenails."

Describe yourself in 3 words. "Smile, sing, dance"

What does traveling means to you? "Opening your mind to all the prejudices that you have, learning that your "world" is not the 10 friends around you and the busy life you live but that there is a lot more to discover."

Why did you choose to be part of ImpacTrip Team? "So that I could be a part of something bigger, to know that every-day we work to make a difference in so many people's lives, that's my motivation."

The most remarkable moment for you at ImpacTrip: "I don't have a specific one, but I can say that when you get the feedback from the institutions and the beneficiaries where our volunteer are supporting, that's when you really realize the difference you make! And also, the messages that the volunteers write to you when they leave, and knowing that this changed their lives forever."

What is for you the biggest challenge in the tourism sector nowadays? "Doing it responsibly, there are no limits between human and nature, and to find that limit is the biggest challenge we have."

The most unforgettable experience abroad and why? "Probably the first time I travelled, a great aunt took me and all my cousins (13 kids) on a trip to Barcelona to visit the amusement park."

The 3 things you admire more in people: "Honesty, the abbility of laughing of them selves, if they can dance of course haha"

What's your favourite travel time and type? "Nature is my favourite destination and probably spring and autumn."

Three things you always take with you when you travel: "I don't really have any, probably my passaport because you can not go without it, but either than that nothing special."

Leave your motto:
"Be humble and be nice, everyone has something to teach you."