Meet ImpacTrip Team: Local Coordinator Rome

19th June 2020

Daniela Apparente is our local coordinator in Rome. Actually she started at the company by coordinating Barcelona destination, but since she is Italian and we were looking for the perfect person to start our programs in Italy, of course she was the chosen one. No one is so spontaneous and kind as her, these are the two qualities you can expect from her all the time. 

3 curiositiesabout you: "1) two books published, but when the third one was on its way, inspiration decided to quit the job; 2) rock climbing lover, started because scared of height; 3) just started being vegetarian, the hardest challenge for a Neapolitan"

Describe yourself in 3 words. "Caring, curious, spontaneous."

What does traveling means to you? "Freedom and self-exploration."

Why did you choose to be part of ImpacTrip Team? "Because we share the same values."

The most remarkable moment for you at ImpacTrip: "On my very first week at the company (training in Portugal), having an epiphany with Petra (Croatia Coordinator) about the fact that we are born on the same day (11/11) – to each other, we are the first person ever to be born on that day. It was epic. Bonding moment."

What is for you the biggest challenge in the tourism sector nowadays? "To turn tourism into something sustainable mainly everywhere – that is, reducing its negative impact and improving is positive impact (more than everything, under an environmental point of view)."

The most unforgettable experience abroad and why? "Traveling along the Nile river in Egypt. I went through all the little, poor villages where the old temples are still standing. The biggest memory I have is in Edfu (where you have Horus' temple), where a local gave me a green scarab as a gift, in order to welcome me in the village."

The 3 things you admire more in people "Kindness. Resilience. Proactivity."

What's your favourite travel time and type? "Nature in all its shapes and landscapes. If in the mountain, usually I am hugging a wall and climbing. If in the sea, it must be wild and far away from people – resorts usually give me dermatitis. Weather? More into warm environments, but cold is acceptable if I can dress up like an onion."

Three things you always take with you when you travel: "1) my knife, 2) hiking shoes, 3) GPS (phone)  and three things you never take with you when you travel: 1) make-up (I am not used to it anyway), 2) my personal computer, 3) my Grandma (she can’t travel unfortunately)"

Leave your motto:
"I have many and I feel like sharing.
Mines: 1) Choices define us, 2) Timing is a bitch.
Not mines, but that deeply signed me – quoting JRRT: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”"