Meet our Impact moms: Cátia

One thing the Lisbon volunteers always say is that our Impact Moms make their stay unforgetabble. The impact moms are the Impact House staff and they cook delicious meals, make sure the accommodation is clean and tidy and take care of the guests in the little details that make a difference. We thought it was time to share who they are with you 🙂

We shared Sandra’s interview in this blog post. Today we interviewed our lovely Cátia. Enjoy!

3 Fun Facts About You

I love staying at home but I’m also very curious. I like to know why everything is happening. I don’t settle for a yes or a no. I got married in the most beautiful place in Lisbon! At the Miradouro da Nossa Senhora do Monte


Why Did You Choose To Be Part of the Impact House Team?

I was very connected to the energy emanating from this team. I feel that I belonged here from day one!

I used to work at one of our partner companies, LX tuktuk, and I used to come to Impact House, at the time in, Estrela, to pick up and take the volunteers for sightseeing tours. One day, after one of those trips, during a conversation with Francisca, the opportunity to join the team came up. The team’s energy captivated me from the very start and I decided then that I wanted to be part of that team.


Describe Yourself in 3 Words

I’m a peaceful person… courageous… and very “transparent”. I can’t hide anything.


What’s been your favorite moment since you’ve been part of the team?

It was a time when I had fun alone. I tried to play a prank on a group of volunteers. I grabbed a speaker and went to the dorm, played some horror sounds from inside a closet and hid inside another waiting for them to come open it, ready with the camera ready to shoot. The scare never happened – they never went looking for me because they all ended up falling asleep.


What’s been your biggest challenge since you’ve been part of the team?

Integrating myself into a team where there are older people and with very strong personalities. That was no doubt my greatest challenge”


What is your favorite dish to cook?

I love baking sweets. I love making rice pudding and giving it to my mother, it’s her favorite.


Which country have you most liked visiting or would like to visit most?

I’ve never traveled by plane. The furthest I’ve been is Spain. I really enjoyed visiting Gibraltar, but for me, the place I liked most is here in Portugal, Serra da Estrela (but during the summer)! There are waterfalls, many lakes, rivers. It’s really nice!


Regarding our volunteers, where do the most fun volunteers come from?

I believe that every person is a person. In my opinion people, I don’t evaluate people by where they come from. I’ve met people from a lot of places and each person has their essence.


If you could choose any profession, what would it be?

If I could choose, I’d like to be a nurse. I am a very caring person, it’s one of my personality traits.


Do you feel that you contribute to the company’s mission to make a positive impact? If so, how?

Yes, definitely.  With my positive approach. I always try to transmit positivity to our visitors and make people feel good.


3 things you most admire in people

I admire sincerity, I admire courage, and authenticity. If people don’t have these 3, it’s hard for me to feel empathy for them.


What is your life motto?

“Live and let live” Live life your way in any way and let me live mine my way, even if it’s very different from yours.


What do you like most about your job/ being part of this team?

What I like most in my job is to greet and serve customers, to make them feel at home.