Meet our Impact moms: Mercês Dias

One thing the Lisbon volunteers always say is that our Impact Moms make their stay unforgettable. The impact moms are the Impact House staff and they cook delicious meals, make sure the accommodation is clean and tidy and take care of the guests in the little details that make a difference. We thought it was time to share who they are with you 🙂

We already shared some interviews with our Impact moms: SandraCátia, Ana and Teresa.  Today we interviewed the very first mom that started working with us: Mercês!


3 facts about you!

I’m a middle child and I have 10 siblings. I keep friendships since 1st grade, and I kissed Caetano Veloso (famous portuguese singer) on the mouth during a party.


Why did you choose to be part of Impact House?

For the mission of this project with the values ​​and objectives that I defend, for the diverse and young environment, for the team’s energy and for the constant challenge.


Describe yourself in 3 words!

I am a person who cannot be described in 3 words, as I am loyal, hardworking, nonconformist, fun, unfiltered, dreamy, stubborn, generous, restless and fun.


What is your favorite moment at Impact House?

The arrival at the new house in restelo. All the mystery of the new adventure. It was at night, we arrived by tuk-tuk, no one knew about the keys, however someone found them and then we walked through the rooms and rooms, uncovered, without electricity. We drank and ate on the floor and talked about new plans and challenges. We laughed a lot and I loved it.


What is your favorite cooking dish?

Salads, where I can be more creative, using colors and flavors as if I were painting a picture.


What is your biggest challenge since you were part of the team?

Cooking is a passion, I’ve always enjoyed cooking for friends and family. Cooking is a comfort and pleasure. I’ve never done it professionally, which is very different, like a wedding (laughs). It’s a daily challenge.


Which country would you like to visit and which did you like to visit the most?

I would like to visit Japan, New Zealand, Russia, I actually think I would like to visit all countries. The country I most enjoyed visiting was Holland, the art, the people, the lifestyle, I identify a lot.


In your opinion, where are the most fun volunteers from?

Spanish and Italians like to party more, they brighten up the house very quickly, so for me they are the most fun.


If you could choose a profession, what would it be?

I like my profession and I don’t want to change. When I’m old, I’ll have a vegetable garden near the sea. I’m going to learn playing the piano and speaking Dutch.


Do you think you contribute to the company’s mission of making a positive impact?

I have learned a lot at Impact House. Every day we receive visitors to whom we transmit from this house and its “rules” a form of respect for all kinds of people, for example, the varied and healthy food we serve. The fight against waste, the fact that we do not agree with massive fishing, among others. Commitment to partners and social concerns. We still have a lot to grow, and we want to improve every day.


 3 things you admire about people!

Frontality, lightness and sense of humor.


 What is your life motto?

We walk in this life to learn it and to help each other.