Meet our Impact moms: Teresa Gonçalves

11th June 2021

One thing the Lisbon volunteers always say is that our Impact Moms make their stay unforgettable. The impact moms are the Impact House staff and they cook delicious meals, make sure the accommodation is clean and tidy and take care of the guests in the little details that make a difference. We thought it was time to share who they are with you ?

We already shared some interviews with our Impact moms: Sandra, Cátia, and Ana.  Today we interviewed our newest addition to the team: Teresa!


Tell us 3 fun facts about you?

I have lived in 5 countries so she considers herself a citizen of the world;

I love horses and I do horse rides frequently;

I have done the french path of Caminhos de Santiago by foot, step to step.


Why did you choose to be part of the Impact House Team?

I enjoy very much the atmosphere and the great relationship between co-workers and bosses. I also estimate a lot of the values and the fundamental principles that the team follows.


Describe yourself in 3 words:

Honest, Responsible and a funny person.


What's been your favorite moments since you've been part of the team?

For me every moment is important and I always try to experience every single one intensely, in order to make them unique and unforgettable.


What's been your biggest challenge since you've been part of the team?

I believe that the biggest challenge was to gain the flexibility, comprehension and adaptability to cope with the co-workers of the team.


What is your favorite dish to cook?

My favorite dish to cook is Shrimp Crepe Gratin (ps: everybody loves my shrimp crepes).


Which country have you most liked visiting or would like to visit most?

I loved visiting Italy and I really want to visit Czech Republic.


Regarding our volunteers where do the most fun volunteers come from?

I think that the most fun volunteers come from Latin America since they are very funny and they always dance to the sound of "joy".


If you could choose any profession, what would it be?

My dream profession is to work with psychology, because I am very empathic and I would love to just to listen and talk to other people.


Do you feel that you contribute to the company's mission to make a positive impact? If so, how?

 Yes. I am very careful with recycling and whenever I find something out of its place I always try to solve it. I always try to maintain a nice atmosphere because I consider that it's important, and I also am very helpful in order to make every guest feel at home and welcomed. 


3 things you most admire in people?

Sense of humor, honesty and loyalty are the main things that I admire in people.


What is your life motto?

"Make the difference and change the world starting by changing myself".