We work according to a series of principles to ensure the programs’ quality and effectiveness of our positive impact on local communities. To ensure the transparency of what we do, we publicly disclose those policies here on the website. Check our most important policies below:


  1. CODE OF ETHICS (In English / Em Português)


The most relevant policy for responsible travelers and volunteers is the following:


At ImpacTrip we aim at being 100% transparent in all programs and experiences we promote.

We are committed to support non-governmental organizations that can positively benefit from our work, establishing at the same time a policy that meets the highest standards regards vulnerable people protection, including their right, freedom, security and well-being. Our first and most important priority is to make sure our programs and experiences are making a difference and creating a positive impact on the beneficiaries we support, always operated ethically and responsibly.

As a company, and through our international volunteer programs we want to make sure that: (1) we give priority to support organizations that are not state owned (2) vulnerable people, namely children and people with disabilities, are not exposed to abuse, exploitation, violence or any kind of neglection.

We recognize and understand the importance of creating and respecting effective policies and processes to protect the welfare and interests of the communities and individuals that our programs impact.

Furthermore, we also recognize in the particular case of our Children Education Program, Teaching Program and Special Needs Support Program, that particular risks exist in relation how we and our volunteers interact with children and people with disabilities and it is our priority to ensure that those risks are mitigated through the effective implementation of this and other related policies.



This policy applies to all dimensions of the company, from its staff members to clients and suppliers. Specifically, this policy is applicable to:

  • All our employees in all countries we operate in;
  • All programs in which our clients interact with children in all countries we operate in;
  • All organizations we support;
  • All suppliers we choose to work with.

This Volunteering Programs Policy is an organization-wide policy and statement that acknowledges that ImpacTrip has a responsibility to support projects with a social and environmental mission that are not under governmental responsibility.

This Volunteering Programs Policy is also an organization-wide policy and statement of intent that acknowledges that every ImpacTrip volunteer and every member of our organization has a responsibility to support the care and protection of children and people with disabilities.

It also considers that ImpacTrip does not hold sole responsibility for protecting these members of society and identifies that their protection is also mandatory upon other stakeholders such as government agencies, families groups and non-government organizations.



We are committed to operate by a policy that does not harm and compromise the citizens’ rights that are defined as a State responsibility. This policy establishes that all partners we choose to work with in our volunteering programs are non-governmental and work for positive impact in the social and/or environmental area.

We are also committed to operate by a policy of non-discrimination at all times. This policy establishes that all children and people with disabilities who have an interaction with our volunteers will be treated with respect and equal consideration.

Our policy principles state that ImpacTrip will, at all times:

  • Support projects and organizations that are not State owned
  • Support projects that have a social and/or environmental mission
  • Work towards positive impact in the beneficiaries involved in the programs
  • Take action if a project doesn’t correspond to our purpose 
  • Respect the rights and dignity of the people with disabilities, children and their families and communities with whom we interact with, and always act according to their best interests.
  • Actively prevent the abuse of children and people with disabilities
  • Take positive action to prevent abusers becoming involved with ImpacTrip’s programs and experiences.



ImpacTrip conducts a regular monitorization of each non-profit associated with its programs. This evaluation is specially serious on non-profits supporting vulnerable children.

Our monitorization involves personal site inspections, staff interviews and regular un-announced visits. We always visit the non-profit personally and several times before allocating any volunteer there to ensure the quality and relevance of their work to support children and people with disabilities well-being. We reserve the right to terminate our partnership with any non-profit not complying with the law or any practice that may affect negatively their children and people with disabilities they support.

We are committed to allocate volunteers only on non-profits in which their work will be relevant and beneficial.



In order to act according to our present commitment we set the following set of practices:

  • This policy is part on the onboarding of each and every staff member.
  • This policy is publicly available on the website and, to be accepted on ImpacTrip programs, clients are required to agree with this policy.
  • We reserve the right to exclude any client from a program if the non-profit partner indicates that the client is not suitable to work with children/disabled people or if any of our staff members identifies any risk behavior or any other reason.
  • All clients must comply with the specific rules of the non-profit they are supporting. Those rules and principles underline different behaviors and actions that our clients should avoid which may constitute poor practice or potential abuse and exploitation.


We recognize the importance of continuous monitorization of the application of this policy and we are committed to continue to improve its effectiveness.


This policy have been updated and reviewed on 31/12/2019.

ImpacTrip CEOs Diogo Areosa and Rita Marques