Sintra Natural Park

This Natural Park is known for its rich and diverse Flora and Fauna and home to numerous unique species!

Sintra-Cascais natural park is located between the municipalities of Sintra and Cascais, just a few kilometers away from Lisbon. It extends from its most northernmost boundary - very close to the mouth of the river Falcão in the county of Sintra - all the way to the coastal city of Cascais in the South.
With an altitude of 528 meters, the Sintra mountain range is without a doubt the most dominant element of this park, which is further complemented by a far-reaching rural area and a beautiful coastline.
Sintra Natural Park
Sintra Natural Park
Sintra Natural Park
Sintra Natural Park

Impactrip in Sintra Natural Park

Volunteer Program

Lisbon, Portugal

Forest Conservation

1 to 12 weeks

Are you a nature lover and the conversation of native forests is your mission? So this program is for you!

Starting from 1st week 914€
following weeks 275€

Responsible Travel Experience

Sintra Natural Park, Portugal

Green Guardians of the Forest

4 hours

An incredible experience to help to save a Natural Park!

Starting from 20€ per person