Responsible travel choices: Sustainable Travel International

The last article was all about flight compensation: understanding its concept, exploring various methods to offset the carbon emissions generated by air travel, and identifying companies that offer such compensation options.

Now, it’s time to take a closer look at Impactrip’s carbon compensation partner, Sustainable Travel International.

Sustainable Travel International stands out as an option to mitigate the impact of Tourism in the global climate crisis. They recognize that tourism and its impact are an inevitable presence, and they have made it their mission to foster sustainability within this industry. They are dedicated to making tourism more responsible and environmentally friendly. Their efforts are directed towards empowering travelers to make positive change for the environment and local communities. With a commitment to offsetting the 8% of carbon emissions produced by the travel sector, Sustainable Travel International ensures that each journey contributes to projects that benefit our planet.

ImpacTrip, as a leading advocate for responsible travel, has been in partnership with Sustainable Travel International for years. When you embark on an experience with ImpacTrip, such as a volunteering trip, you’re presented with the opportunity to offset your flight or transportation carbon footprint. This means that for a small additional fee, you can counteract the environmental impact of your travel. While some companies offer direct carbon offsetting options when booking, ImpacTrip provides assurance that your contribution goes towards trusted, green projects.

Recognized as the best carbon offset program for travel and tourism by a number of reputable entities such as Investopedia and EcoWatch, Sustainable Travel International underscores their resolution to delivering tangible results without compromise. But what exactly does your investment in carbon offsetting entail? Where does your money go?

Sustainable Travel International maintains a portfolio of hand-picked activities, each receiving a portion of the funds. This ensures that every dollar makes a meaningful impact, nurturing the growth of each project so they can become even more efficient in offsetting carbon emissions.

The focus areas encompass:


Prioritising the protection and preservation of global forests and woodlands, these projects aim to strengthen the role of nature in our ecosystem. One example of initiative involves safeguarding tropical forests in the state of Acre, Brazil, where deforestation threatens vital habitats.


Investing in sustainable energy projects means promoting the use of more renewable energy sources. For example, supporting the establishment of wind farms in rural areas of the Dominican Republic not only generates green energy but also fosters local employment and education.

Blue Carbon:

Projects in this domain centre on water conservation and understanding natural carbon storage. By safeguarding environments such as the swamps of Indonesia, which store significant carbon, these initiatives protect biodiversity and support communities vulnerable to climate change, as well as impeding the natural stored carbon to be released into the atmosphere.

Innovative Tech:
This focus area targets the enhancement of everyday practices to be more eco-friendly and efficient, incorporating them with technology. For instance, supporting initiatives that assist farmers in Sri Lanka to convert crops into bio charcoal for carbon removal offers both environmental benefits and economic opportunities.

Responsible travel choices can wield significant positive impacts. 

Whether you’re seeking volunteer opportunities in one of ImpacTrip’s destinations, looking to live a responsible experience during your vacation, or aiming to offset your emissions and contribute to a greener world, ImpacTrip stands ready to support your positive choice. 

Embrace sustainability and make a difference with us!