Terms & Conditions

Please read ImpacTrip’s Terms and Conditions carefully before making your booking. By completing your booking, you certify that you agree to the following ImpacTrip Terms and Conditions:


The responsibility for the arrangement and payment of the travel, most importantly the flight and other transport costs to and from the destination country, as well as any local transport costs, solely lies on the client. The client alone is further responsible for carrying all the necessary documents when traveling abroad. ImpacTrip may provide the client with advice on required travel documentation, however, ImpacTrip does not hold any responsibility for any supporting documents necessary for the client’s travel needs or other purposes. The clients are furthermore solely responsible for verifying that their travel documents are up to date and valid for travel.


We recommend all clients to issue a travel insurance.

Refund Policy

ImpacTrip deposit fees are designed to be as affordable as possible to allow everyone to join our programs therefore, considering its limited capacity and the expectations of everyone involved, Impactrip is unable to provide a total refund policy.

Deposit fee

Payment of deposit fees confirms a volunteer’s acceptance onto one of Impactrip volunteer programs. Deposit fees are not transferable to other persons but may be transferable to other program.

The deposit fee is refundable until sixty days before the start date of the volunteer’s chosen program. Requests for deposit fee refunds must be made via an email to your Impactrip Program Manager, clearly detailing the reasons for cancellation.

Cancellations are subject to the following policies:

  • The notice period is based on the earliest start date the volunteer has ever been registered for.
  • If a volunteer cancels sixty days or more before their earliest program start date, they can request a refund of the deposit fee, which will be provided less the transaction costs of the refund. Alternatively, they may ask for a deposit fee credit to be held in their name for future use on any Impactrip program, subject to availability, for a period of twelve months from their earliest registered start date. This credit may be issued less the value of any change fees the volunteer has incurred.
  • If a volunteer cancels between fifty-nine and thirty days before their program’s start date, no refund of deposit fees is available. A deposit fee credit may be held in their name for a period of twelve months from their earliest registered start date, for future use on another Impactrip program, subject to program availability and at the discretion of the Impactrip Program Manager.
  • If a volunteer cancels less than thirty days before their programs start date, no refund of any fees is available. A deposit fee credit may be held in their name for twelve months from their earliest registered start date, subject to availability, provided deposit fees have been paid in full by their due date.

Where a group of ten or more people is volunteering with Impactrip, the group leader must register ahead of other group members in order to secure the group’s dates and plans. Group members must then register no less than sixty days before the program starts. Group members who register less than sixty days before the program start date may be excluded from the program, unless approved by Impactrip.

Impactrip reserves the right to revise its program fees at any time. All program fees revisions will be made via the Impactrip website. Program fee revisions are not applicable to volunteers who have already submitted their payment before the revisions are due to take effect. A volunteer’s placement on a program is not confirmed until deposit fee has been paid in full and availability has been checked by their Impactrip Program Manager.

Change of Dates and Duration

The change of dates and duration is possible depending on current availability that should be confirmed by ImpacTrip.

Personal Risks

The client takes note and accepts all the risks and responsibilities associated with their choice to travel to, temporarily reside in, and provide volunteer services in a foreign country. Such travel and volunteer work may involve a certain degree of risk and inherently dangerous activities to the volunteer, both foreseen and unforeseen. The client herewith assumes and accepts all of these associated risks. Therefore, ImpacTrip, including any and all of its employees, managers, directors, partners or shareholders, is not liable, to the maximum extent of the law, for any harm or loss the client or associates may encounter, including but not limited to loss caused directly or indirectly by:

  • Personal injury;
  • Emotional injury;
  • Death;
  • Illness or disease;
  • Damage to or loss of property;
  • Natural disasters;
  • Hostage situations; or
  • War or terrorism.



The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ImpacTrip from any and all liability arising directly or indirectly out of, or in connection with, the client’s, temporary residence in their chosen destination, and the undertaking of volunteering or tourism activities.


Volunteers below the age of 18

Clients who participate in one of ImpacTrip’s responsible travel or volunteer programs prior to turning 18 years old are required to provide ImpacTrip with signed consent from their legal guardian(s). The proof of consent is to be submitted to ImpacTrip at the latest 2 weeks prior to departure.

Clients below the age of 18 are not permitted to participate in our programs unless their Parent/Guardian have validly executed this agreement, a Pre-Departure Consent Form and any project-specific requirements of ImpacTrip or any independent local partner organization. Clients below the age of 18 who are not accompanied by a legal guardian must have this document printed and signed by their legal guardian(s), who will, therefore, be entering into the agreement on behalf of the client. The parent/guardian therefore represents and warrants to ImpacTrip their role as a parent or legal guardian of the client below the age of 18, and that they holds the full and complete authority and capacity to bind themselves as well as the client below the age of 18 to this agreement.

The parent/guardian as well as the respective client below the age of 18 further acknowledge that during the period of placement and participation in the program, it is within the responsibility of the client below the age of 18 to make all reasonable efforts to avoid any substance, object, environment or activity that may trigger an adverse effect on the client’s health and well-being.

In case the client below the age of 18 fails to comply with the Code of Conduct or other risk mitigation provisions, ImpacTrip reserves the right to withdraw the client below the age of 18 from its programs at any time, when such consequence is reasonably determined by the appropriate ImpacTrip representative to be in the best interests of the health, safety, and general welfare of the program, other clients or of the individual client, expulsion of the client is not subject to appeal. The expulsion of the client from the program will be at the client’s and/or parent/guardian’s expense without any right to a refund. All program participants acknowledge that they will hold the responsibility for their own actions at all times. Each participant is therefore asked to sign a behavior contract during his/her program orientation.

To the maximum extent permitted by law, the client below the age of 18 and their parent/guardian release ImpacTrip from any claim, suit, action or proceeding in respect of the removal, and/or entering, of the client below the age of 18 from or into the program in accordance with this agreement.

Drug and Alcohol Use

The clients must abide by the rules set forth by ImpacTrip, the partnering volunteer placement institution, and in regards to alcohol consumption. Drug use (unless prescribed by a doctor) is strictly prohibited and will result in instant dismissal from the program with no refund.

Privacy Policy

ImpacTrip and the client agree to all conditions set forth in the Privacy Policy.


The client agrees to fully comply with the independent partner organization’s code of conduct and waiver. ImpacTrip reserves the right to expel a client from the program at any time without refund, in case these Terms and Conditions, or the partner organization’s code of conduct are breached.

ImpacTrip further reserves the right to notify the emergency contact provided by the client in the event that the client is withdrawn from the program and in other circumstances considered appropriate by ImpacTrip. ImpacTrip reserves the right to use feedback and images provided or shared by volunteers for marketing and promotion purposes.

ImpacTrip provides a service connecting clients with independent local partner organizations. The client agrees that ImpacTrip is not liable for any actions or omissions of that independent local partner organization.

To the full extent permissible at law, all representations, terms, warranties, guarantees, or conditions, whether implied by statute, common law or custom of the trade or otherwise, including, but not limited to, implied warranties and guarantees, are excluded.

ImpacTrip’s website solely serves the purpose of promoting ImpacTrip’s products and services and those of the independent local partner organizations. The website is controlled and operated by ImpacTrip from its office location. ImpacTrip makes no claims that the materials used within the website are appropriate or available for use in other locations.

Those who decide to access ImpacTrip’s website from other locations do so on their own initiative and hold the full responsibility to the extent local law is applicable.

ImpacTrip does not warrant or make any representations regarding the accuracy, correctness, reliability, or otherwise of the materials in this website or the result of their use.

ImpacTrip reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions or the services it offers from time to time.

ImpacTrip reserves the right to refuse acceptance to any booking request.

The client certifies that all information provided to ImpacTrip relating to their personal background, experience, qualifications, medical history, and the current state of health is truthful and accurate and that no information related to these categories is withheld. ImpacTrip and the independent local partner organization reserve the right to remove a client from their program, without refund or compensation, if it becomes apparent that untruthful or inaccurate information is submitted in their application form or provided through communications with ImpacTrip staff, or if relevant information is withheld, or for any other reason by giving notice to the client.

All dates and times referred to in these Terms and Conditions are based on Greenwich Mean Time / Coordinated Universal Time.

Force Majeure

ImpacTrip has no liability for any lack of performance, unavailability or failure of the services or its website, or for any failure of ImpacTrip to comply with these Terms and Conditions, where the same arises from any cause reasonably beyond ImpacTrip’s control.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions and the service provided in accordance to these Terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of Portugal and the parties submit to the non - exclusive jurisdiction of the Portuguese Courts.