Volunteering in Lisbon, check our volunteers reviews

After some months without welcoming volunteers at our destinations, we are very happy to receive them again in the safest and secure way. 

Check their opinions, reviews and highlights about their experience in Lisbon with ImpacTrip and Impact House teams:

What are your thoughts about the program so far?

Agnes: “Everything is fine. People are very nice and try to get to know each other more. It has been a really nice experience and the accommodation is perfect such as pool, it feels like holidays. Even the food is very good, healthy and served in a such nice environment. Everything is perfect.

Emily: “Everything has been really amazing. Everybody at the house is really nice, local volunteers, and all the staff are really sweet. Also, accommodation and food is really good. I am vegetarian and they have really great vegetarian options. Everybody who has been part of my program, obviously it is always weird when you meet with someone for the first time, but we’ve all become good friends. I even wanted to stay one more week. Because I was having a good time here and I didn’t want to leave so soon and I’m doing the marine conservation program and the team is really amazing and nice. They know what they are doing and I feel really safe when I was with them. I am also happy to be a part of this impactful action and I’m happy for that.”

Max: “Everything has been really perfect. It is starting with the meals,
accommodation and people. People are friendly around here. The staff, the other volunteers and the people who are in the program with me are really amazing. We had some free time to do good stuff, discover the city and so on. The program itself has been really enjoyable too. All good!”

Lucas: “It was great and unexpected. I have a lot of fun. We had chance to go to the beach and the program that we got involved was fun. People who are working here are really great. We had cool conversations together. So, I really enjoyed it.

How did you feel in Lisbon in terms of Covid-19 precautions?

Agnes: “I feel very safe. Because it was same in Germany. You have to wear mask when going outside for example to shopping. We are not so many people here, so it also feels more confortable. So I feel very safe here.”

Emily: “Definitely yes. Portugal, as a country and the government implementing a lot of measures for everybody’s safety. When we all go to stores, mask is obligatory and obviously the social distancing rules. The Impact house is cleaned really often and there is hand sanitizer everywhere. So, I definitely feel safe in the house and around in Portugal as well.”

Max: “Yeah definitely! I didn’t worry at all, so everybody pays attention with health measure. So, I didn’t really have any problem at here.

Lucas: “Yeah, definitely. No fear at all. The house was very well sanitized. There wasn’t any issue about that and all around the country, there is social distancing and mask rule, so we didn’t have any problems.

What do you suggest to someone who’s thinking of coming?

Agnes: “Do it! It is a challenge for yourself, but only in a good way.”

Emily: ”It might seem scary but it is actually really fun and it is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity, that is going to make you a better person. You are going to learn a lot of things that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t come here. So I would definitely say come! Because you are going to have a lot of fun.”

Max: “Just do it! I promise that you’ll have a pleasant time here and everything is really nice so you’ll enjoy it. Just do it!”

Lucas: “Don’t come… Just joking! If you are scared about the Covid-19 situation, I mean I really have never felt any anxiety. People are really calm and know how to have precautions with masks, sanitizers and so on. It’s all being very chill. So, there is no any problem. I mean it is your decision at the end but it is great and fun experience. Lisbon is a great city that has beaches, city sights. Just enjoy!”