We started this year with a new name: Impact +

29th January 2020

But… what does this mean?

The original company, and our first brand, was born as ImpacTrip, a responsible tour operator that provides responsible trips to volunteers from all over the world. It organically extended to employees of companies that value Social Responsibility and impact on the community, creating Impacteam, an Operational CSR Consultancy. More recently, we built Impact House, one of the hostels most committed with sustainability in Portugal, intending to complement the responsible experience of Impactrip volunteers in Lisbon, being also a meeting place for the general public and a physical that reflects our mission.

We have therefore become much more than the first brand alone and our growth and network has brought advantages that are not mirrored by a unique look at each brand.

Thus Impact+ was born, the company name and umbrella brand that brings together ImpacTrip, Impacteam and Impact House. Impact+ has two main objectives:
- To transmit the synergies existing between the 3 brands, among social partners, volunteers, employees, suppliers and communities we are involved;
- Reflect the common mission of all 3 brands - support our network of social partners through by linking them to different audiences.

It is, therefore, a way to present ourselves as a whole, reflecting the ambition to have more and more positive and impact. It is also an invitation to all who work with us in either of the brands to get to know the others and get involved.

As an internal team, we create a family even more united, working everyday in different fronts to reach higher goals together.
And, last but not least, this name change has no operational implications, as each of the brands continues its normal work - it is rather a reinforcement of cohesion and a renewal of ambition.